Monday, 29 March 2010

Chua Soi Lek is President of MCA

Unless you come from Mars, you would already know that Aunty here is almost the next to last person on this earth to moralize about morality.

For one, I strongly support 2 consenting adults to do what the heck they want to long as.. it's between the both of them.

Yeah. But then Life's a bitch. There's always a qualifier even in immorality.

Sure they can. long as..(in the world according to Aunty)..the 2 consenting adults are singularly in charge of their lives. Ain't no kids, or spouse, or society (if we are spiritual leaders) to answer to.

Yea. Even as we walk through the valley of immorality-no-return, we must surely be vauely aware of who may get hurt by a breach in those who trusts us.

Aiyah. Ofcourse.
We immoralizers (sic) only count any breach in trust as when the other party finds out. Other than that. Nothing counts.

So what does it matter when the Malaysia Chinese Association's only obvious choice (by a landslide) is a man found cheating on his wife of 30+ years for the last 12+ years of their married life? And in live graphics too!

You ask yourself. Does this show that
1. MCA members have a death wish?
2. MCA has a dearth of great leaders?
3. Morality? What morality?

Even if MCA simply does not believe that voters would care that a morally tainted man would lead a major political party, and it is only results which matter, why vote for a man whose sexual exploits must have been viewed by many?

Yes. My mind is infinitely small. I can't look at Chua in the flesh speaking at a rally without seeing him "in the flesh" at his performing best.

OK. One can say the same of Anwar Ibrahim.

With the exception of yours truly - who btw - is not an Anwar supporter - an overwhelming majority of my friends believe Anwar is gay & a sodomiser.

For me, the difference between Chua & Anwar is:

There's no smoking gun in terms of a "live" video of the act(s) for Anwar. What I didn't see, I sure don't believe.

Also. In Anwar's case I still don't understand how Saiful the victim, would obediently strip & come out wearing a towel based on his boss, Anwar's bidding?

A taller, stronger, younger man meely stripping to his jock strap when asked to do so by a shorter, much older, weaker male?

That's why I think something stinks in Denmark.

All the men & women I asked; young, old, strong, fragile said that they would knee the pervert in the groin or grabbed a knife, if that has happened to them. And job be damned!

So how would MCA win over the trust of grassroot leaders & their followers to once again put their trust in Chua?

Or do only results matter, and not morality?

Well. OK. I give you that. To each his own.

And after all. What do I know? After all. Isn't Aunty the Lowest Common Denominator in taste & views?

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