Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Of Dim Sum, Amber Chia & Chua Soi Lek

I love getting together with the ladies! We are a diverse group ranging in age from early 40's to early 80's. And we are such unabashed conversationalists, no subject is considered taboo..especially if we are gossiping about public figures.

Only dear kind Jean protested when many of us voiced our disappointment at the seeming lack of morality in our society where it gets to the point that a serial adulterer (& accidental porn star) becomes an elected leader.

Maybe it's not that Malaysians are immoral but that we are keeping up with the times. A more open society? And it's really mean to talk about someone's private life because everyone's entitled to a private life. Hmmm?

Err...NO Jean! NOT! I had to remind everyone that a public figure ie entertainer, politician, etc is fair game. Yeah. Too bad. BANG! Open target. Even Paris Hilton can't sue that slime ball bf of hers for what he did to her.

Ofcourse I am one of those Aunties who had no qualms about bragging having seen THAT video. I did. So shoot me. 1 of 1 million who did. I'm just another digit.

It didn't help that Gloria goaded me on by begging for a blow-by-blow (no pun intended) account. The only thing that still boggles my mind is how Angel can still remember (in the throes of passion) to take off her knee high boots as she climbed into bed.

Which is why you won't see me in my knee high boots in the bedroom. Too lecheh.

Then we moved on to the marriage of Amber. First off. Everyone thinks it's too much a "coincidental" marriage.
And from a most unlikely source, a lady in our group who's not on the net & not a lady about town piped up, "seems like double boiled soups (or whatever) is still making its way every 6-30am to the top suite of a private hospital for a certain VVVIP daily from Miss AC"

AND karaoke. A Hospital with karaoke?
Wah! So old (70's?), filthy rich & super busy & still ill...STILL got energy to sing karaoke while in hospital?

And why would such a stunner in the prime of her make-hay days marry so soon? Hah? I ask you!
Case of throwing the dogs off the scent. Yeah. We're a coupla old witches. We've seen it all. BRING IT ON!

Next lunch...more people will be shredded to the same fine consistency as our yummy vermicelli wrapped rolls.

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