Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Which Galactical system did these aliens come from?

I got wondering about other galactic systems when I read about ..

The fathers who married their 10- & 11-yr old daughters to men aged >39. It shows you that age does not bring wisdom & some men have almost nothing inside their heads & even less inside their pants.

And I am not sure from which planets these men come.

How else then can you explain for fathers like these who would knowingly inflict such harm on their young children or men like these "husbands" who would want young children as their wives?

In my planet we call these men Perverts & Pedophiles.

Also you would think that IF they were indeed from Malaysia they would know that the marriageable age (or age of consent) has always been 16 upwards & NOT 10 upwards.

And yet from another galaxy...
The Economist featured an article on PM Najib's plan to "modernise" UMNO (sic) where bumi rights may be tampered in an attempt to win the hearts & minds of non-Malays.

In this article, a spokeman from Perkasa; a group fighting for malay rights (which is quite an oxymoron) was also quoted as saying that the mission for Perkasa is quite simple. They are merely asking for nothing more than their fair share.

And I thought joining UMNO was the sure fire way of getting "the" fair share?

Dang! There seems to be more aliens from other galaxies visiting Malaysia than I had originally thought.


Anonymous said...

Non-malays : " hey, wat about our FAIR share ah !!?? "

GobloKing said...

Fair share shld not be determined by the color of our skins or the religious beliefs of a person..but who am I to preach?

After all, I'm only an aging female!

But I do believe this: In Hell & Heaven there will be a fair share for ALL!

Anonymous said...

Hey, aging females with old gingers
very good lah !!