Sunday, 2 May 2010

Spare the Rod?

Right off the bat. Let me assure you I am not a modern parent.

I strongly feel that parents who give their kids the liberty to decide, who don't supervise their kids & let them roam the nights are not modern. They are stupid.

Leaving the police & maids & teachers or for the law to be enacted to protect kids for them are just stupid parents.

What? Your kid's just too naughty? & you can't control him/her? They climb out of the window to go out?
Install alarms. When the alarm triggers the window grill, you know yr kid's escaping.

And if you are working, you should try applying yr modern mgmt discipline at home too. Tell yr kids what's considered a bad behaviour.

Warn them. Give 3 warnings. After that, they face the music. No Tv. No Net. No Phone, money or Games. Just Books. A spanking now & then reinforces the good behaviour. Or the threat of a spanking is just as good.

I think these days we take modern parenting in a silly & not sensible way. Allowing total freedom & choice to undisciplined kids is like allowing a monkey to go shopping at a supermarket.

Modern parents seems to think spanking & punishing kids shows ppl they are being violent (& therefore non modern). They feel kids should be able to express themselves, so they allow kids to talk back to them.
Talking back is disrespectful. Discussing is intellectual. Got it?
And Screw those ppl who thinks spanking is not being modern.

They are the same ones who don't ask their kids to account for their time & money or where they suddenly get expensive new stuff. And then wonder why their kids get into trouble one day.

I don't get it. How can the modern parent who, having read so much & being much more educated than our forefathers be this dumb at child rearing?

And have you never heard parents asking their 3 yr olds what they want to eat & drink at restaurants? If kids are so smart about nutrition, they don't need adults.

And when they are home, & kids don't eat the other stuff you put before their face without being asked, then why be pissed off?

I may not like the non democratic ways my parents behaved towards me but I appreciated the discipline it brought to me.

Ya. I got asked what I wanted to eat & drink. But ONLY on my birthday. Once a year & don't you forget that.
Ya. I wanted to go dating when I was 16 but I wasn't allowed. Ya. I also wanted to go on a motorbike with this "wild" 17 yr old but I dare not even bring that subject up.

Bored? Without internet, handphone, nintendo or cable TV? We weren't so stupid to mourn to our parents when we were bored.

If you are Sooo...oooo bored ..."Go Study". Or Read. Or Play with yr games. Or play with yr neighbours.

Ahh? Did you say our neighbourhood's much safer than today & friends used to live close by.

Not always. There were still cars & lots of vicious stray dogs too. Perverts also existed as in time immemorial they did. A guy flashed me once. But I knew he was sick & I could run.

And our best friends from school didn't always lived close by.

So our neighbours (from other schools) became our best playmates.
No Hong Guan biscuit tasted so good nor F&N cordial so delicious as the ones we shared with our friends from the hood.

Even though boys were allowed to play on our streets or a nearby field, they were always within eye / ear shot. Our parents & other neighbours were always, all seeing & all hearing. No sounds of the TV or a handphone to distract them.

You got into a fight? Whop! Everyone got their ears tweaked. Regardless who started it. From that one parent who caught them.

But nowadays, parents are way too concerned about others bothering with their kids. As they do not bother with other ppl's kids.

Or they are too busy with their own lives & activities with their right to "relax/time out". Once a week. Hanging out with friends after work. Golf, Facials, & gym weekends. Who's checking their kids' homework? The tutor.

Hello? You want time out? Be childless. Don't bring a kid into the world & make them feel they are intruding on Your Life.

Maybe I had a real boring childhood & boring parents. But I am thankful for parents who didn't ignore their kids & who didn't routinely put the TV on as nanny.

If you want to be modern, then brace yourself for the consequences. And don't blame anyone else but yourself for your "modernity" when your kids go AWOL or who steals because they think morality is uncool.


zorro said...

SPOT ON BBGS...OOOOPPPPSSSSS pavilion. Good down to earth stuff this piece.How's unkle bernhard? Havent knocked glasses.

GobloKing said...

Ja de main man! See u are busy rippin' into those dumno-saurus in yr blog!

As for this piece. Wah beh tahan liao. Gotta git this offa my (as you well know) ample bosom!

Every time I see kids misbehaving, I just feel like slapping the parents - not the kids!

And As for the tipple...havent you heard we are down to drinking home made hooch? Or at least until we find a coconut tree, plant it & get our own organic hooch!

But yell me to join youseall soon?

JLim said...

yes, parents are to be blamed too for our children's action. I sometime beh tahan kids whom run around & make a nuisance of themselves. The parents just looked and smiled..if my children, sure kena whack 'kau-kau' from me.

Paranoid Android said...


Sorry for being holed up at work for so long. Hilarious piece, but true. Nowadays my friends whine when their brats got scolded in school. I remembered a time when I went home with 2 cane marks on my hand for not doing my homework and my mum added 3 more on my legs to show teacher. With a Thank you note.

GobloKing said...

WAH! Aunty's attracting a whole bunch of old school disciplinarian! Now I know more than 1 battle axe out parents..Be Scared. Be VERY VERY SCARED!

Or is it the ppl commenting here hv grown up kids or are childless that we view parenting so strictly?

Franc said...

We are of the same mind ..... and background too!!

Hooray!At least I know I am not alone out there.

GobloKing said...

Franc sweetie!
Those who spoil the child is really a majority out there now.

You & I? We are like dinosaurs lah!

1 day you will read how Aunty here is incarcerated for spanking parents who allow their precious kid to run riot without any admonishment!

The other day in a big private eye clinic Aunty witnessed kids running wild around the place while lots of patients (who's just had an eye operation & cannot afford to fall down) were waiting for their turn!!

And What were their stupid parents doing?

Encouraging their kids to block the doorways to have a look at the reading chart, or reading their magazines while their kids run underfoot these patients!

so much for my ranting! Like I say. They are so gonna shoot me one day for cruelty to stupid parents!

Franc said...

Makes no difference to me.

If I have to be a dinosaur so be it.They can call me anything they like so long as I know what I am doing is right.
I have 2 boys , a 5 year old and a 9 year old.
They will thank God and thank me when they become old enough to reflect back.