Saturday, 23 October 2010

Why is a con man like Ellie Najeem still running around?

Yesterday I was in an unusual place. Unusual for me.

Chinatown on a rainy Friday is not my thing. But I was bringing some visitors to see the Sri Mariamman temple in Jln Tun HS Lee. As it was raining & I was the designated jaga of shoes, I was outside at about 3-30pm & saw an Iranian man & his family come out. I was just wondering "Why would anyone (the man) be wearing a full suit to visit Chinatown when I am sweating buckets?" when who should pass me by?

2 other persons in full suit. So weird.

Ofcourse I took a good look. Unmistakably so. 1 was Ellie Najeem of Lebanon (clean shaven) with the curly toussled hair & a brand new reddish brown document case. I was so stunned I did not even take a photo although I was holding a mobile phone.

Wasn't this man (known variously & vicariously as "Lord Ellie") arrested for possessing something like Rm66million ringgit of fake notes in Jan this year & for falsely declaring he was donating a BILLION ringgit to charity 2 yrs ago?

So why is he strolling casually in Petaling Street? Towards the general direction of Jalan Bandar (High Street) Police Station?

Malaysia's sense of justice sure beats me flat.

A known foreign con-man with an arrest for funny money just walks our streets a free man. Who also conned a young lady into marrying him (even if she or her parents are greedy & naive, there's no reason to wish ill on them!)

We have a justice system who arrest students for being politically active, people for lighting candles & singing our national anthem, & just about anyone else for saying/ writing / thinking the wrong things...but??

And in case you think foreign spouses have an easy time being allowed to live know you are wrong! For 1, Ellie got a divorce from his Malaysian wife, for 2 he was arrested, for 3 we know he's WHY is he still here?

The mind boggles! I think we need to re-allocate / rotate more immigrations & law-enforcement officers around !


Anonymous said...

Aiya, the reason is obvious lah.
Corrupt officials at very level with third rate morality and mentality.

Anonymous said...

Ayah Pin also still running around with his 'sky kingdom' followers....

GobloKing said...

*Nods vigorously* on corruption.

Yes. "seems" like something's smelling like durian but it's not durian.

Ellie must know more people who matters than the Rakyats do!