Monday, 1 November 2010

My Favoritest Cheh2 Ros

oh. I am so exhausted being so beautiful all the time
There isn't a day which passes when I don't see my Hero, my favoritest of all favorite Cheh2s First Lady of Malaysia (forever), Supreme Beauty of All Beauties, Smartest of All Smarts, Intelligentest of the Intelligentsia, Loveliest of All Lovelies, Kindest of the Kindest, Mother of All Malaysians, Patron Saint of All Aunties, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

I see her all the time - as do you. 1st thing in the morning, last thing at night. You can't touch any paper, magazine, news on tv without seeing her vision of loveliness.
Yesterday my Cheh2 had to man the fort for her hubby who's down with chicken (pox that is) at the Deepavali Carnival. To boost the morale of Indians in our community.

I am only wondering here - so don't shoot me. Now, if I were my Indian brothers & sisters, would I prefer the Deputy PM (the last I checked we still have a Deputy PM & Deputy Head of our largest political party) to make that "Don't call indians Pendatang" speech or would I prefer the wife of the PM to make that speech?

Who would be more powerful & more meaningful to make that speech? Actions speak louder than words. I have decided my Cheh2 is more powderful.

And before the Aunty Alzheimer comes over me again, I would like to ask someone this question.

Why is it that everyday, come rain, come Gunung Merapi erupting, Tsunamis, Economic Depression, mass murderers, unlicensed killer drivers, my Cheh2 is always in the media hah?

Did anyone command anyone that my Cheh2 must always be featured?

I am 110% sure it's not my Cheh2 who asked for that. She's NOT that egoistical, vain, or fame-seeking person vicious rumor-mongers make her out to be.

I KNOW she's NOT. She really doesn't need all these unnecessary attention when she's already our very own 1st of the first-est Lady, does she? What? Are you asking if the photos are air-brushed? Eh? My Cheh2 dun need all those cheap tricks, THANK YOU

Anyhoos. I would hate to be the PA of her PA.

I mean. That person would have to spend almost his/her entire life at the desk with a huge pile of The Star, New Straits Times, Tattler, & occasionally the New York Times, holding a pair of scissors cutting out & glueing article after glowing article about my Cheh2 (in lots of different outfits & Hermes, Chanels, Diors & matching jewellery) into scrap books, n'cest pas?

BTW- other bloggers. I will not take kindly to you if you dare to malign my perfect 1st Lady ok?

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