Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dearest Lynas "Rare Earth is Safe for You"

photo: very safe for you..see me holding chunks of earth with bare hands? See Australians not holding them?
Dearest Lynas & Lynas Shareholders

Please forgive this uninformed layperson's views but I beg for your kind indulgence

Firstly I must tell you that I have seen & experienced Australia 1st-hand & is impressed by its care for the country's sustainable development & the wonderful welfare system accessible to citizens.

Which is why Australia is a dream country for many migrants.

I am further inspired by the fact that Australia seems to be a country who respects public opinions, and although not Australian, I hope my opinion will be treated with similar respect.

To learn more about why Lynas Australia is so willing to invest heftily in Kuantan, Malaysia for a rare earth processing plant, I went to your website.

Reading through your website write-up, 1 of the 1st question to strike me was why would Lynas not invest this huge sum in Australia itself, to not only boost the economy but since Australia is the origin from whence rare earth is being mined, would that not make better sense?

Would the Australia government not welcome Lynas huge investment in its native country instead of having Lynas invest abroad? Particularly in light of how Australia spends millions to attract foreign investors?

Ofcourse it should also worry Environmentalists that rare earth is being transported across the oceans, where anything can happen during transportation.

What if anything leaked into the waters as it passes through Indonesia on its way to Kuantan?

Ofcourse Lynas also mentions that Malaysia have industrial land, gas, water & electricity, re-agents from local suppliers and a port that can manage container, chemcial & buld shipments.

The last time I visited Australia I would have to conclude that Australia seems to have the same (if not much superior) infrastructure - albeit - at a higher cost, than that found in Kuantan, or anywhere in Malaysia.

Ofcourse we also thank you for your kind support of Malaysians because you stated that we have the skills set & that our country have accountable regulators, clear legal framework & FDI incentives making it attractive for Lynas to be here.

But we know that Australia too have such wonderful skills since nearly 300,000 Malaysian students are in Australia trying to acquire skills of many disciplines there.

And about our legal framework. I know how Australia's framework protects its people & I am just wondering if Lynas is aware that Malaysia is equally protective of its people and that we are also quite capable of class actions to sue for future public health liabilities?

The conclusion I can draw is that Lynas is in Malaysia - not due to any influence secured through corruption - since we are all aware of how much Australia government frowns upon such criminal offences, but because the Australian Government is too dumb to accept Lynas' kind & generous contributions to its own native country

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