Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Westies, Sarawak Politics & Whoopin' it up on a luxury yacht

Pardon me all for writing yet again another un-informed blog.

You've got to view the photos of Taib Mahmud's daughter's wedding aboard a yacht in Singapore because I had (once-upon-a-lifetime-ago) spent a few charming decadent nights on the "old" version of this yacht.

Yes. I can vouch for it. Being really rich is much better than being merely poor. But enough remininiscing about the time when I had more hair on my head than in the drain.

The crime ofcourse in all this super-luxury is that while TM & company were whooping it up (or as TM says "anyone can get rich if only they worked hard enough"), some Sarawakians are still living hand-to-mouth, & wondering what living in a home with running water is like. So: Do you think "Westies" have any right to get into "Easties" politics? And pray Aunty dearest, what has that to do with a luxury yacht? Picture this. My super rich (I wish!) parents had made you the trustee of their assets (including this lovely yacht) with me as sole "ward". Meanwhile I am living in rather basic conditions while my dear trustees are supervising my yacht by living on it. So my friends (being friends) are trying to help me get my assets back so that I may live in a better condition. Which is what I think is happening in Sarawak. Just like this analogy, Sarawakians should (try to?) consider their well-meaning friends as Westies & likewise, Westies should (try to?) consider themselves friends of Sarawakians. How do we do this? Ladies & Gentlemen: Kindly tuck yr Ego away! Can Westies just get involved to the extent we dont become meddlesome friends? Can Sarawakians understand that Westies need to get involved because the very wealth of Sarawak has been the bankroll for those in power - even in the West? Can Westies learn: - To be open, kind, understanding & considerate & know that not all Sarawakians had asked for our "help"? And that consultations are merely meant to be advice Sarawakians can take or leave, & that your "job" as friends is to persuade others to see your ideas may work? Ofcourse Westies don't own the wealth of Sarawak. But Westies can help Sarawak achieve its goal of being self-governing rather than still being governed by some who can't live without a luxury yacht. As for me. Anytime you want to invite me to live on your boat, Uncle & I will welcome it very much. Call me - collect - also can

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